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Edunburgh Jazz Festival 2017

20 July 2017 - Bilk and Ball

Fringe by the Sea 10 Aug 2017

Speigle Tent, North Berwick

Whighams Jazz Club, Edinburgh

19 Feb 2017


Past Gigs

Edinburgh Jazz festival July 2015

Where we were joined by two of Acker's old band, Ian Bateman and Enrico Thomasso

Fringe by the Sea Aug 2015

A packed Speigle Tent for this North Berwick gig.

Cumbernauld Theatre April 2016

22 April 2016

Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival 2016

11 and 12 June 2016

Inverness Jazz festival July 2016

7 July 2016 (cancelled)

Edunburgh Jazz Festival 2016

17 July 2016

Jazz at Hospitalfield

22 Oct 2016

Acker Bilk

Bernard Stanley "Acker" Bilk, MBE (28 January 1929 – 2 November 2014)

was an English clarinettist and vocalist known for his appearance – goatee, bowler hat and striped waistcoat – and breathy, vibrato-rich, lower-register clarinet style. Bilk's 1962 instrumental tune "Stranger on the Shore" became the UK's biggest selling single of 1962: it was in the UK charts for more than 50 weeks, peaked at number two, and was the first No. 1 single in the United States by a British artist.

The Band


Fantastic performance at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival. My foot never stopped tapping!

Janice Campbell

What great memories of the great Acker Bilk's tunes.

eric Wales

Only one video and it's sounded so much like Acker Bilk playing that tune. I mean exactly like!! So, Hamish, if that was you then there should be more videos. Nah..it was Acker..had to be!!

Paula Smith

The band certainly does Acker's memory proud.

Jim Smith